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Friday, June 19, 2009

A Taste Of A Smile

You walk out of every girl's friend, Target-the store that you love-the store that you can spend time in like no other. Come on now, say it isn't so.  After a productive evening of working out, you feel inspired to do an extra set of those weights that tone up your thighs... you are MOTIVATED. (Just to the point when you think you are starting to notice a difference after putting on those used to be " a lil' too tight shorts."   *Happy sigh* You are walking out and all of a sudden, in the evening air floating to you nostrils like the smell of roses-it hits you:  french fries. hamburgers. onion petals. Everything fattening and oh so delicious. 

Yes, junk food. It hit me like a wave of the most intense craving today. LOL I found myself rationalizing why it was totally ok for me to go pig out and get some major french fries baby! We even pulled into the parking lot of a local junk food place. Then, it hit me. I saw myself later in the evening feeling miserable from caving  in. I told my mom- "We can just go home momma. Let's just go home." Trying to convince my appetite, I grabbed her hand dramatically and we solemnly drove back out to the main road. Home to our apples and fresh avocados. 

We overcame.  (doing the Rocky victory dance...yes the music too.)

 I know, I know-I'm dramatic. I can't help it, I come from a long line of drama queens. I think it just adds some extra shades of color to my coloring page of life! 

But truly- I was so happy that I didn't give in to my one true weakness that I am not proud of: french fries. I have this thing with them. But I said no. After which my organic salads and fruits at home sounded amazingly wonderful! Most of craving I think is a mindset that we get used to.  Just takes a few times of teaching your body to crave good stuff. 

My latest fav
-Frozen organic black cherries. ( Oh my gosh soooo good!)
- Organic sanoma chicken salad. (out of this world)
  My daily smoothie (apple juice-pear juice-1 frozen banana, a bunch of frozen strawberries,          cherries and a dose of liquid green vitamins-blend it up and bam! A sweet taste of a smile.) 
-Pei wei fried rice
-Frozen blueberries 

You feel more confident when you know you are putting good stuff in your body, and you are giving it what it needs to thrive. 

I want to take care of my body, not just for myself but for Sam as well. I want to be as healthy as possible and not give any place for the enemy to come in and steal from us. Whether that be health-joy anything. :) 

Momma and I are having so much fun working out. I do miss working out with Kalia though ! So much! My house mate back in Cali and one of my bridesmaids. :(  It's so fun to have a work out buddy to have those little victories with! hehe! Oh, the little things in life that make me smile. 

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