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Saturday, June 13, 2009

He Proposed, Plans On Hold

So, the man of your dreams, flew half way around the world. He crosses oceans, time zones and the thresh hold of jet lag to utterly surprise you by proposing you at your most special spot in the world.  

You laugh. You cry, and yes, you scream. As tears are streaming down your lovely face because of  this unexpected dream come true. The LAST thing you are thinking about is a budget, do you get plastic forks or silver-do i need to rent port-a-potties for my venue? Will the guest be bothered by the smell of horses and goats? Wait a second! Where am I even getting married? 

Maybe these thoughts danced through your mind.  Or maybe they will when you become engaged if you're not already. But, for me-unlike those of you who, "pre-ring," painstaking have every detail of your wedding day planned out up to the details of whether you would serve table salt or sea salt to your guest-what colors you would use, and for food: buffet, catered, DIY

Ummmm...not me. No.  

Love over took me like a rainbow surprisingly overtakes a rainy day. Caught up in a whirl wind of fairy tale love that is, of course what I think is most worthy to be recounted in the form of a book or even a movie! (I know, you might roll your eyes but,  aren't we all a little bias when it comes to our love and the dreams of our own hearts? Heck yes we are!) 

All I really knew before my fella' came and swept me off my feet was, I wanted to get married outside. Maybe in the mountains or in the woods, and one thing was for sure- I did NOT want it to be typical or traditional.  That's about it. Nothing more-really. 

One thing I have learned, is that generalized ideas are great, like "I want it to feel chill and relaxed." GREAT! But, do you know how many versions and colors there are of "chill" and "relaxed?" HA! I do now! 

Love found me in December-got down on one knee in March and will put a ring forever on my finger in September. You say, "Hey, 6 months, you can plan a wedding in that time." I'd say sure you could. But, I was in school full time, and didn't know where in the world to start. So, what did i do? Nothing. My fiance, Samuel and I did decide on the Mountains of North Carolina. That was a start. But still vague. Sure, I looked through magazines, book marked cool wedding blog sites on my mac and giggled with my girlfriends. As far as any really defined game plan... not much. 

You might say I'm crazy and that you would never do such a thing. Well, maybe so. Perhaps you will have everything laid out and planned. But, then again this is just a documented adventure: Where practical kisses romance and fairy tales have a talk with their manager with the last name, budget. 

3 months after I became engaged is when I truly started to plan my wedding. Here goes...

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