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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wedding Bells Echoing

Just as the fireflies start to wake up and begin to dance, there was a rustling in the wood. A drum was heard as the people gathered there. 

A stunning man, clad in wonder began the heart beat of what was expected to be the union of two souls. 

Friends came up from the walls of wild flowers and tree trunks standing like columns hidden with joy-carrying, following the beat of the love.

Strings were playing like the kiss of the breeze.

Beauty was in the air for the taking and eyes as springs could be seen as one looked out at the faces of the gathered.  Them men with drums, the maidens with glowing lanterns.

This was the wedding. Our wedding. 

When the last friend came into the circle and melody heightened a girl could be seen carried on a horse-startled by joy, wearing a white dress with a look of longing in her eyes. 

The man with the drum came up to get her and there in the heart of the trees they poured themselves out to each other with love looking on. The threads of their souls entwined as feet were washed and songs sung. Sealed with a much longed for kiss they couldn't help but twirl and dance in  utter delight. 

Heaven watched, and could be felt as something so sacred and beautiful was laughing in colors of a priceless wonder. The trees spread their branches like a chuppa of mystery. And God smiled.

They now were each others. Forever.

The party just continued in a big red barn, dancing, eating, laughing. A bon fire was started and a drum circle was gathered as the bride and her friends danced and spun around the flames singing their love and joy in the Beautiful One who kissed the day with perfection. 

Thank you Jesus for the best wedding I could have ever dreamed of. You are so fun.