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Friday, June 26, 2009

Girl Meets Gown

Well, the boutique we found my wedding dress at emailed me a couple of weeks ago and told me that WE is airing a new reality TV program entitled: Girl Meets Gown and that they are filming right here in Dallas at their location. Pretty cool eh?  

Then, my wedding gown consultant goes on to tell me that she wants to recommend me to the producer for the show if I were interested! She told me that my creativity, our story adn the vibe for the wedding would be an awesome thing for the show. 

At first I was like, "Whoa, TV huh?  Hmmm... DUDE! Wow. Do I really want to do? Cool!" A flood of thoughts came through my little noggin all which I took one at a time and evaluated. I decided that I would talk about it with my Sam and my parents. (Both of which were positive about it.) 

They gave me the pilot dvd to watch of the episode that aired in March. My mom cried on one of the stories, I was hooked! It was a really a sweet, tasteful show! It's the kind of show I would want to watch regardless of if they wanted me on the show or not. It reminds me of one of those cool HGTV reality TV shows, but even better! 

As I'm standing in line at the DPS (getting my Texas license) I get a phone call from the producer of the show, Kim. She was very down to earth, way cool chica! She asked me a couple of questions about Sam and I, our proposal and my dress process etc. It was fun talking to her!

Today, Momma, Gran are coming with me as I go in to meet Kim and do some sort of casting video or something. We shall see what happens. I so love God-he makes me laugh! 

I didn't hear anything from them for 2 weeks and was like, " Oh well, one less thing for me to have to think about. I guess they're not going to call." I told my mom this, then later that day I got the call from Kim. Just us even going to that particular wedding store was a fluke and last minute thing. I thought I had found my dress at the first place we looked, but still felt a little, I don't know about it and my mom, Gran and maid of honor Beka didn't think it was really me but didn't say anything. 

So, I told momma, "Let's just go tonight for fun and look around!" So we called, they said it was fine and we drove over to Stardust. (That's the name of the bridal store.) Whether or not my friends get to wait in anticipation and laugh and squeal as they see me on a reality TV show it's been and will be a fun experience. 

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  1. I LOVE this blog!!! I look to it for fashion advice and for help with my wedding!


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