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Sunday, June 14, 2009

90 Days & Invitations

Today we've hit the 90 day mark!  Less than 3 months officially! Wow!

Invitations? Have I sent them out yet? What do you think? No. 

Yesterday  I spent a few hours out in the incredibly humid Texas heat painting the paper for my invitations! You know, the kind of heat that when you walk out the door you feel the sensation of being in a broiler and you start sweating like a football player in July. Yeah, it wasn't the most dazzling sight, but it sure was fun! 

My friend Renni who lives in New Zealand designed them for me and I, with her basic instruction manual from skype am creating them. I wanted invitations that capture the feel of the wedding-earthy, happy, creative and raw with a touch of a mystical fairy tale feel. 

So far, the paper turned out GREAT! The colors of the wedding are in deep, organic like peacock colors. So, we chose browns, olive greens, mustard's and teal paints to color the invites using a spray bottle and watering down the paint!  To garnish the little joy bearing cards we are having a twigs, a peacock feather and hemp twine to tie around it. One side note that I wasn't planning on doing was I wanted to give more of a natural feel so I went in my back yard and picked different leaves to lay out on the rows of paper as I sprayed them with paint. When I was done I had wonderful little leaf prints left! Yay for creativity!  

The day is closing as I sit here at my little desk pondering all the ways in which I can be more efficient and ahead of schedule. *Clearing throat* Even though I am months behind what all the other "wedding planning people" say, I am choosing to enjoy every moment-fall more in love with my sweetheart and bask in the goodness of God-which I continuously have to remind myself is there for me every day! 

I still have a couple hundred invos to finish making-but for me, an artist it is a relaxing time whenever I can create instead of looking at budgets, appointments and numbers. :) 

Thank you Jesus for another lovely day. 

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  1. wow, I love it!!! You should make a journal with the same design:) And great inspiration pictures you have found! I love your style! And I love you<3


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