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Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Boho Feel


It's just around dusk and the fireflies are starting to dance around in the woods as the lanterns glow and the sound of laughter and expectation fills the air. 

The tree trunks standing like columns of strength and hope are the natural decor-you can feel God smiling as nature looks on about to witness yet another love story unfold into a dream. 

Samuel and I knew we didn't want a typical wedding. We teased that the only church we wanted to get married in was one without a ceiling and without
walls. So, you can see our options were limited 
there weren't too many churches or cathedrals that fit that bill. LOL!

I love being out in nature, I can see so much of the Lord's smile in the smallest detail of  a leaf, the sound of rocks being kicked off a walking path any and everything that grows.  So,
outside it was for us! 

We're still piecing together details, but here is a broad general feel I'm goin' for:

Earthy, Robin Hood forest princess in the woods  kind of a feel, a touch of hippie, bare feet, fairy tale, mystical, simple, lanterns hanging in the trees, lots of glow, lots of lights, down to earth but heavenly, where our friends and family leave feeling like God kissed them. 
Boho, natural and organic textures, kinda messy not all prim and proper. OUT OF 
THE BOX! Nontraditional-laughing
lot's of laughing. I want it to feel like a big family reunion. Trees, keys, birds, wild flowers, vintage-old but not junkie. Eclectic. color-fun. moss, twigs, flower crowns, leaves! glow and texture instead of sparkle and glitz.

Samuel, my heart and love told me, "Jess, you can do whatever you want to do my love, just as long as I'm waiting for you at the end of the aisle." I am so blessed to have such a man! One of my favorite things about him-he truly loves who I am and lets me be me-coloring the world all sorts of colors and smiles in or out of the lines! 

Don't get me wrong- I think glitz and glam weddings are lovely-in their own way! That's just not me. I think I own 2 pairs of high heels and have only worn them 1 1/2 times, walk around bare footed whenever I can outside and still love to climb trees and do cart wheels. You will still find me stopping whatever I'm doing and going outside if it rains outside. Nothing like playing and dancing in the rain. 

The ceremony itself should be interesting! We have a huge wedding party and I really don't want to go about the traditional "guy walking the  girls down the aisle."
 Right now we want djembe (hand drums) cello and hammered dulcimer to start off the music like a heart beat off in the woods. Some of the groomsmen will be holding drums as well as they come and bring in my man! with the music increasing and building. Sam and I are both musicians and artist so we're not afraid to be a little...um, different! 

I want to set up the site in the woods in a circular form-so our family and friends seated seem more to be embracing and surrounding us with their love verses observing us. 

Having the groom's guys and the bride's gals entering in from a few different directions-it should be cool. 

I'll be so excited and full of joy, I just 
might skip down to Sam! 

With the reception being in the big red barn and under the stars-it's going to a big hug of a party. 

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  1. Jessica! It sounds so wonderful girl. You will have the most amazing day and not only will you have the time of your lie but everyone that attends. It sounds like you have a wonderful grasp on how to make it an inclusive ceremony-LOVE the set up of everything in a circle. Have a wonderful day-it looks lovely-


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