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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Jar For Me (Bring Your Own Fork)

So, I'm really wanting to use mason jars for decor in my wedding-maybe even for the drinking glasses! 

For eating utensils, old forks and spoons instead of plastic, which is way more eco-friendly and green than your typical plastic ware! 

Bring on the glass jars and tin cans baby! Wooohoo! 

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Don't Be Mumpy

Today, I spent my day doing a very rare thing for me (just as myself) or as a bride: NOTHING! 

I didn't go ANYWHERE today! *happy sigh* I didn't make any phone calls except to my man and I got to sorta take a nap! My, my, my... what has the world come to!? 

I got to check out some cool wedding shows while lounging on our living room couch curled up with a fuzzy blanket and eat 2 day old vegetable fried rice heated upon the stove with spicy oil by my mom from Pei Wei. (One of my favs!) Oh, and I've been on this kick of eating with chopsticks whenever I eat Asian food. I think just because it makes me feel cooler or something, ;) LOL!

The reason for my wonderful laziness? The Mumps. Yep, that's right, the lumpy, bumpy, "say wha?" mumps. I know, I don't really understand them either. I mean they are one of those things you really don't ever find out about until you get them. It sounds all scary and monstrous but for me, just a little discomfort-head aches and major tiredness. 

My body is like "Thank you very much Jess, finally we get some 'do nothing rest!'" 

When you are on the go all the time, I guess it takes a booger like the mumps to make you  take it easy, chill and watch some wedding shows. :) 

Friday, June 26, 2009

Girl Meets Gown

Well, the boutique we found my wedding dress at emailed me a couple of weeks ago and told me that WE is airing a new reality TV program entitled: Girl Meets Gown and that they are filming right here in Dallas at their location. Pretty cool eh?  

Then, my wedding gown consultant goes on to tell me that she wants to recommend me to the producer for the show if I were interested! She told me that my creativity, our story adn the vibe for the wedding would be an awesome thing for the show. 

At first I was like, "Whoa, TV huh?  Hmmm... DUDE! Wow. Do I really want to do? Cool!" A flood of thoughts came through my little noggin all which I took one at a time and evaluated. I decided that I would talk about it with my Sam and my parents. (Both of which were positive about it.) 

They gave me the pilot dvd to watch of the episode that aired in March. My mom cried on one of the stories, I was hooked! It was a really a sweet, tasteful show! It's the kind of show I would want to watch regardless of if they wanted me on the show or not. It reminds me of one of those cool HGTV reality TV shows, but even better! 

As I'm standing in line at the DPS (getting my Texas license) I get a phone call from the producer of the show, Kim. She was very down to earth, way cool chica! She asked me a couple of questions about Sam and I, our proposal and my dress process etc. It was fun talking to her!

Today, Momma, Gran are coming with me as I go in to meet Kim and do some sort of casting video or something. We shall see what happens. I so love God-he makes me laugh! 

I didn't hear anything from them for 2 weeks and was like, " Oh well, one less thing for me to have to think about. I guess they're not going to call." I told my mom this, then later that day I got the call from Kim. Just us even going to that particular wedding store was a fluke and last minute thing. I thought I had found my dress at the first place we looked, but still felt a little, I don't know about it and my mom, Gran and maid of honor Beka didn't think it was really me but didn't say anything. 

So, I told momma, "Let's just go tonight for fun and look around!" So we called, they said it was fine and we drove over to Stardust. (That's the name of the bridal store.) Whether or not my friends get to wait in anticipation and laugh and squeal as they see me on a reality TV show it's been and will be a fun experience. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dream In A Bottle

Ok-so I totally thought of this idea before I saw it! Soooo, when I came across these images I was mega excited to say the least! 

I have been thinking of what to do for the little gifts you give your friends and family who celebrate your wedding with you. You know, do you give them a cute little picture of you (that most likely they will not hold onto or loose within a couple of weeks. Do you give them a jar of jam?

Well, there are so many AMAZINGLY awesome ideas out there. Hundreds and hundreds, so much so that it was kind of overwhelming for me.  I love dreaming. I love pulling out the dreams in people's hearts, helping them remember them just by being me. So, I thought: A glass little bottle with a scroll inside of it with something to do with the dreams of their heart being painted into reality.  I didn't think of the cool wax seal like this wonderful Etsy artist did. When I saw this I was like, "Yes!" I had told one of my best friends Kalia that I wanted to use keys in my wedding and have been buying up some really cool cast iron, huge keys to use in the decor. The tiny key accent is just sweetness!  The key to your dreams! 

The whole theme of our wedding is dreams coming true and I want to spread that. Will everyone remember where they put their little dream trinket once the wedding is over? Um...maybe not. Sure it might get lost in my Aunts purse or get lost in the car-but if for just a moment when they first look at it and read the little card that I will make for them, describing what it is and why-if for just a second it inspires them to expect beauty and wonder, then that lights up my sky.

Check out MiniatureRhino 's store on Etsy! 


© 2009 Etsy Inc.

Shoes and Scarfs

Awesome option for the girls! Lace up sandals from Free People
I really like the look a guy in a cool earthy scarf. I want to do maybe a few of the groomsmen in some earth tone scarves to give a romantic tossed look.

I think on one or two of my girls, a cool scarf will appear. Either, around the neck, wrapped up in the hair or who knows??? *creative laughter echoing in the distance*

Regardless of how many of these wonderful ideas and inspirations make to the final cut of my creativity it is fun to find textures and textiles that make me smile!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I found this blog and I really like it! Awesome Boho/Vintage clothes! Check it out!


The Photographer is AMAZING! Her name is Stephanie Williams

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bake the Paper Already!

Today I spent quite a bit of time out in the Texas summer heat, creating my beautiful earthy invitations! hehe!

I had found with Renni pads of water color paper for like $2.50 each and we thought we could totally do our own amazing custom paper! I wouldn't recommend doing it unless you don't mind a mess! It was a blast! I laid out to card board boxes (or you can use trash bags with one side torn open) that were flattened. Then took two pads of paper at a time and spread sheet by sheet by sheet down in a few rows. Any good spray bottle works well for this and makes the process quick and adds a variety in texture. Searching about my back yard I found some 
cool leave that I put down to have a stencil nature look. Spattered some gold paint, let it back in the scorching sun and-TADA!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Boho Feel


It's just around dusk and the fireflies are starting to dance around in the woods as the lanterns glow and the sound of laughter and expectation fills the air. 

The tree trunks standing like columns of strength and hope are the natural decor-you can feel God smiling as nature looks on about to witness yet another love story unfold into a dream. 

Samuel and I knew we didn't want a typical wedding. We teased that the only church we wanted to get married in was one without a ceiling and without
walls. So, you can see our options were limited 
there weren't too many churches or cathedrals that fit that bill. LOL!

I love being out in nature, I can see so much of the Lord's smile in the smallest detail of  a leaf, the sound of rocks being kicked off a walking path any and everything that grows.  So,
outside it was for us! 

We're still piecing together details, but here is a broad general feel I'm goin' for:

Earthy, Robin Hood forest princess in the woods  kind of a feel, a touch of hippie, bare feet, fairy tale, mystical, simple, lanterns hanging in the trees, lots of glow, lots of lights, down to earth but heavenly, where our friends and family leave feeling like God kissed them. 
Boho, natural and organic textures, kinda messy not all prim and proper. OUT OF 
THE BOX! Nontraditional-laughing
lot's of laughing. I want it to feel like a big family reunion. Trees, keys, birds, wild flowers, vintage-old but not junkie. Eclectic. color-fun. moss, twigs, flower crowns, leaves! glow and texture instead of sparkle and glitz.

Samuel, my heart and love told me, "Jess, you can do whatever you want to do my love, just as long as I'm waiting for you at the end of the aisle." I am so blessed to have such a man! One of my favorite things about him-he truly loves who I am and lets me be me-coloring the world all sorts of colors and smiles in or out of the lines! 

Don't get me wrong- I think glitz and glam weddings are lovely-in their own way! That's just not me. I think I own 2 pairs of high heels and have only worn them 1 1/2 times, walk around bare footed whenever I can outside and still love to climb trees and do cart wheels. You will still find me stopping whatever I'm doing and going outside if it rains outside. Nothing like playing and dancing in the rain. 

The ceremony itself should be interesting! We have a huge wedding party and I really don't want to go about the traditional "guy walking the  girls down the aisle."
 Right now we want djembe (hand drums) cello and hammered dulcimer to start off the music like a heart beat off in the woods. Some of the groomsmen will be holding drums as well as they come and bring in my man! with the music increasing and building. Sam and I are both musicians and artist so we're not afraid to be a little...um, different! 

I want to set up the site in the woods in a circular form-so our family and friends seated seem more to be embracing and surrounding us with their love verses observing us. 

Having the groom's guys and the bride's gals entering in from a few different directions-it should be cool. 

I'll be so excited and full of joy, I just 
might skip down to Sam! 

With the reception being in the big red barn and under the stars-it's going to a big hug of a party. 

Take Time Part 1

I don't know how many of you have seen the new Pixar movie "Up" but, it is really one of the sweetest movies I've seen in a long time. Summing up the heart felt truth that simple love is the adventure of life time. I cried. Yes, I cried. I couldn't help it! I told my mom afterwards that I don't know I would have cried like I did if I wasn't in this season of being head over heals in love with Samuel. 

My dad took us to see the movie in 3D. Their first 3D movie and it was an experience let me tell ya! haha! So much fun! 

With all the time it takes to plan a wedding, and an out of state one at that-as a family we decided that no matter what each week we would all go do something out of the house together. Whether that is go to the cafe for an early dinner, go to a movie-just hang out and get  a smoothie. We are going to make time to do simple things where we can be together, not letting the our daily business dictate to us our heart time with each other. 

It's so easy to get swept away in deadlines, phone calls, multiple texts and chats with people coordinating vendors etc. Then, by the end of the day I might find myself realizing that I didn't go down and give my dad a hug good morning or tell my mom she looks beautiful and that I love her new earrings. I was too busy cutting out that cool flower arrangement out of the new Modern Bride Mag for my idea book or just had to send that email. When the truth of the matter is- there will always be things to do and things to plan, but I won't again have today. 

I can't let my day tell me what to do, I'll just do a tailspin if I do that. I have to stay flexible of course but, keeping the priorities of my heart in check. Perhaps family is at the top but by actions many times it can relate a different message if you're not careful.

It's so fun to enjoy simple moments. Don't miss them. Don't hold back an "I love you." "Gosh, you look gorgeous today!" "You are so fun to hang out with!" We all need to hear encouraging kisses of the heart.  

Friday, June 19, 2009

A Taste Of A Smile

You walk out of every girl's friend, Target-the store that you love-the store that you can spend time in like no other. Come on now, say it isn't so.  After a productive evening of working out, you feel inspired to do an extra set of those weights that tone up your thighs... you are MOTIVATED. (Just to the point when you think you are starting to notice a difference after putting on those used to be " a lil' too tight shorts."   *Happy sigh* You are walking out and all of a sudden, in the evening air floating to you nostrils like the smell of roses-it hits you:  french fries. hamburgers. onion petals. Everything fattening and oh so delicious. 

Yes, junk food. It hit me like a wave of the most intense craving today. LOL I found myself rationalizing why it was totally ok for me to go pig out and get some major french fries baby! We even pulled into the parking lot of a local junk food place. Then, it hit me. I saw myself later in the evening feeling miserable from caving  in. I told my mom- "We can just go home momma. Let's just go home." Trying to convince my appetite, I grabbed her hand dramatically and we solemnly drove back out to the main road. Home to our apples and fresh avocados. 

We overcame.  (doing the Rocky victory dance...yes the music too.)

 I know, I know-I'm dramatic. I can't help it, I come from a long line of drama queens. I think it just adds some extra shades of color to my coloring page of life! 

But truly- I was so happy that I didn't give in to my one true weakness that I am not proud of: french fries. I have this thing with them. But I said no. After which my organic salads and fruits at home sounded amazingly wonderful! Most of craving I think is a mindset that we get used to.  Just takes a few times of teaching your body to crave good stuff. 

My latest fav
-Frozen organic black cherries. ( Oh my gosh soooo good!)
- Organic sanoma chicken salad. (out of this world)
  My daily smoothie (apple juice-pear juice-1 frozen banana, a bunch of frozen strawberries,          cherries and a dose of liquid green vitamins-blend it up and bam! A sweet taste of a smile.) 
-Pei wei fried rice
-Frozen blueberries 

You feel more confident when you know you are putting good stuff in your body, and you are giving it what it needs to thrive. 

I want to take care of my body, not just for myself but for Sam as well. I want to be as healthy as possible and not give any place for the enemy to come in and steal from us. Whether that be health-joy anything. :) 

Momma and I are having so much fun working out. I do miss working out with Kalia though ! So much! My house mate back in Cali and one of my bridesmaids. :(  It's so fun to have a work out buddy to have those little victories with! hehe! Oh, the little things in life that make me smile. 

Monday, June 15, 2009

Work It Girl

Most brides, once they start the count down til' "i do" go on a massive work out binge. So funny-but it's so true! I'm included in the stereotypical masses of girls with rings on their fingers, sweating long hours each week at the gym. You work it girl!

Inspiring Ideas

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Day Is Here, and I'm Pooped

You might have let out a surprised laugh when you read the tittle of this blog. But, the truth is that too many couples, (mostly the bride part of the couple, sorry ladies but it's true) get wrapped up in the wonderful and sometimes not so wonderful craziness and stress called a wedding. To the point that when the wedding day roles along-she's too tired to fully enjoy it!

Suddenly the ribbons and bows-flowers and photographers-guests and all the drama that comes with figuring out who to invite and who not to invite overtakes the bride's world. "Do we invite Aunt B. AND Uncle J. even though they haven't spoken to each other in over 30 years and refuse to be in the same place at the same time?" 

As the day draws closer she realizes that she has spent months not even enjoying this season, not even living it but stressing it. 

When Samuel proposed to me I was dancing in the ballrooms of heaven, listening to the angels sing our personal love songs for weeks. All that filled my mind was the faithfulness of God and everything he had taught me about expecting above amazing from him. I didn't have a worry, I wasn't stressed, I was in love. I was in love with the heart of God who so richly and lavishingly poured out the dreams of my heart  in the most vivid and colorful way I could imagine-in a dream named Samuel.

After a couple of months-still floating and flying I started to plan, think and sort out detais about the actual day. In a rush of childlike excitement I would tell my friends the vibe I wanted my wedding to have, how I wanted my friends and family to feel when they left and the sound I wanted to paint in the joy of the day as Sam and I started our new life together. 

In the middle of planning after more weeks I started to slowly put my expectancy in the wonderful goodness of God on the shelf and started to freak out. All of a sudden the realities of budgets, time and distance away from Samuel started to add up. Putting the wedding list together alone was worthy of a comedy screen play that, because of it's painful truth and the fact you could so easily relate makes it hilarious. It was and is interesting, bringing  up family issues that 99% of the time sit silent like a huge pimple on the end of your nose deep under the skin.  But there is just something about a wedding... *raising my eyebrows*  ...that makes you have to deal with it, in some form or fashion, one way or another. Somebody isn't going to be happy and you just have to be ok with that. 

When Sam and I talk during our daily skype time, he reminds me as he comforts my at times, overwhelmed heart,  the wedding isn't about a wedding, it's about us,  our love for each other and beautiful heart of God that brought us together. Period.   

Being reminded of the simplicity of love is so freeing. Your wedding day isn't about a wedding, it's about that look you give your man when are watching him tell you something he's excited about. It's about the feeling your heart feels when his gentle smile caresses your face and you hear him say "I love you."  It's about the dreams you dream together and future God is weaving for you as one. 

This time, while I'm engaged is a time I will never have again. How sad for me to waste it in worry, and allowing all joy to sucked down the drain. Every day, I have to look for the Kisses God is blowing me. 

To sum it up-don't get so wrapped up in the wedding plans that you loose the joy and heart of why you are planning one. 

90 Days & Invitations

Today we've hit the 90 day mark!  Less than 3 months officially! Wow!

Invitations? Have I sent them out yet? What do you think? No. 

Yesterday  I spent a few hours out in the incredibly humid Texas heat painting the paper for my invitations! You know, the kind of heat that when you walk out the door you feel the sensation of being in a broiler and you start sweating like a football player in July. Yeah, it wasn't the most dazzling sight, but it sure was fun! 

My friend Renni who lives in New Zealand designed them for me and I, with her basic instruction manual from skype am creating them. I wanted invitations that capture the feel of the wedding-earthy, happy, creative and raw with a touch of a mystical fairy tale feel. 

So far, the paper turned out GREAT! The colors of the wedding are in deep, organic like peacock colors. So, we chose browns, olive greens, mustard's and teal paints to color the invites using a spray bottle and watering down the paint!  To garnish the little joy bearing cards we are having a twigs, a peacock feather and hemp twine to tie around it. One side note that I wasn't planning on doing was I wanted to give more of a natural feel so I went in my back yard and picked different leaves to lay out on the rows of paper as I sprayed them with paint. When I was done I had wonderful little leaf prints left! Yay for creativity!  

The day is closing as I sit here at my little desk pondering all the ways in which I can be more efficient and ahead of schedule. *Clearing throat* Even though I am months behind what all the other "wedding planning people" say, I am choosing to enjoy every moment-fall more in love with my sweetheart and bask in the goodness of God-which I continuously have to remind myself is there for me every day! 

I still have a couple hundred invos to finish making-but for me, an artist it is a relaxing time whenever I can create instead of looking at budgets, appointments and numbers. :) 

Thank you Jesus for another lovely day. 

Saturday, June 13, 2009

He Proposed, Plans On Hold

So, the man of your dreams, flew half way around the world. He crosses oceans, time zones and the thresh hold of jet lag to utterly surprise you by proposing you at your most special spot in the world.  

You laugh. You cry, and yes, you scream. As tears are streaming down your lovely face because of  this unexpected dream come true. The LAST thing you are thinking about is a budget, do you get plastic forks or silver-do i need to rent port-a-potties for my venue? Will the guest be bothered by the smell of horses and goats? Wait a second! Where am I even getting married? 

Maybe these thoughts danced through your mind.  Or maybe they will when you become engaged if you're not already. But, for me-unlike those of you who, "pre-ring," painstaking have every detail of your wedding day planned out up to the details of whether you would serve table salt or sea salt to your guest-what colors you would use, and for food: buffet, catered, DIY

Ummmm...not me. No.  

Love over took me like a rainbow surprisingly overtakes a rainy day. Caught up in a whirl wind of fairy tale love that is, of course what I think is most worthy to be recounted in the form of a book or even a movie! (I know, you might roll your eyes but,  aren't we all a little bias when it comes to our love and the dreams of our own hearts? Heck yes we are!) 

All I really knew before my fella' came and swept me off my feet was, I wanted to get married outside. Maybe in the mountains or in the woods, and one thing was for sure- I did NOT want it to be typical or traditional.  That's about it. Nothing more-really. 

One thing I have learned, is that generalized ideas are great, like "I want it to feel chill and relaxed." GREAT! But, do you know how many versions and colors there are of "chill" and "relaxed?" HA! I do now! 

Love found me in December-got down on one knee in March and will put a ring forever on my finger in September. You say, "Hey, 6 months, you can plan a wedding in that time." I'd say sure you could. But, I was in school full time, and didn't know where in the world to start. So, what did i do? Nothing. My fiance, Samuel and I did decide on the Mountains of North Carolina. That was a start. But still vague. Sure, I looked through magazines, book marked cool wedding blog sites on my mac and giggled with my girlfriends. As far as any really defined game plan... not much. 

You might say I'm crazy and that you would never do such a thing. Well, maybe so. Perhaps you will have everything laid out and planned. But, then again this is just a documented adventure: Where practical kisses romance and fairy tales have a talk with their manager with the last name, budget. 

3 months after I became engaged is when I truly started to plan my wedding. Here goes...