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Monday, May 31, 2010

A Peak Into My Flavor of Living

Most of the goodies that decorate my little cabin where used throughout my wedding for decor. I guess you can call it a type of "green" decorating.
Duel purpose, old thrifty junk that is like gold to me makes my home smile from door to door and window to window! :)

You might consider this when trying to think of ways to make your wedding unique in a new/old way. Or, when purchasing things to decorate your reception etc...you can then transfer them over to your new nest! Whether it be old books, bottles, frames or misc. items don't just use them for your wedding, bring them into your home afterwards. Then you not only have stylish, eclectic decor, you have the loving memories that will forever go with them!

I posted this same post on my
Boho Baby Bump Blog as well but thought someone might enjoy it and find some inspiration.

Thrify Finds
Retro Metal Teal School Desk-$5
Orange Lamp from the late 60's -$3

Early 70's zipper sun dress I got for $5

Vintage Crochet Afghan-$2
Old Vintage velvet pillow-$1

An old painting pallet I've used for a long while spontaneously got placed in one of the frames on my living room wall.

I like to use Mason Jars to trade out the seasons. In winter I put little pine cones in them, in the summer, bird seed...and paintbrushes. ;)
Plus, another vintage clock I found for a $1
All the mason jars from my wedding, I use to decorate my living room.

When you come over to our house, you can leave your shoes in the old suitcase please.
This is is the suitcase we used to collect all our wedding cards.

My fireplace mantle is sprinkled with old books, clocks and bottles.
Including an old children's book I nailed on the wall.
All my old books, some I had long before the wedding, the hymnals I purchased for the wedding, now are used to adore my fire place mantle and a couple I nailed to my wall.

...and another clock -$1...

...and yet another, one of my favs also found for the steal of a $1.
I collect old clocks-I've had a slight obsession with them for years.

Vintage Crochet Afghan-$3
Here's another one of my suitcases we used for the wedding, now holds our blankets, ready to be used if we get a little chilled.



  1. Such a comfy atmosphere! Very jealous!

  2. I can't believe how much I love this! I'm so glad I found your blog... it's awesome :)


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