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Monday, May 24, 2010

Girl Meets Gown: "The Boho-Hippie Chick"

Here are some pics from our experience of being filmed from the wedding reality tv show "Girl Meets Gown" on WE tv. It was a fun time and I made some really wonderful friends! :)

I've had people ask me, "So what did you do to get on a reality tv show!? How did THAT happen?" Truthfully, I didn't really do anything, I just was looking for a dress at the "last minute" in wedding terms and was my energetic, crazy self. I guess they got a kick out of me.

While waiting to hear back if they could get the dress I liked in time Stardust dropped this boho-hippy chic an email and asked if I was interested. At first my reaction was, "Mom! Ha, listen to this!" I was like, "Wha?" I had heard of shows like bridzillas and the like and had no interest for the sake of "being on tv" having my personality smeared and blow out of proportion. No thank you.

I was assured it wasn't nasty drama and was sent a pilot. I liked it. Sam and I were like, why not? So, the adventure of "reality" tv began. I have to say, I had more fun cutting up with the crew and forming friendships with them than anything in the whole process. They let me be my complete self, and didn't try to change me in the least.

Here are some behind the scene pics. Enjoy. :)

Right after our ceremony.

Kim, the head producer let me tell her our love story and what I thought about love and life stuff.

First day of shooting. Beka, my maid of honor and best friend was there and was interviewed as well, that part didn't make it on the show though.

Kim and some of the crew at my house in Dallas.

My awesome parents being interviewed after we finished our first alteration of my dress. It was my dad's first time of seeing me in my dress.

This is Scott, he also came and shot our wedding for the network and became a friend. We had fun being total goofballs in between filmings. :)


  1. LOVED the show. My roommate and I were watching and we want whatever you are on!!
    Your wedding was BEAUTIFUL! :)

  2. Loved your dress!!! Been looking online for it... was wondering if you could tell me the designer??

  3. Totally! It's Eve of Milady 2009 Amalia Cararra dress A-1

    It's not up on their website for some reason but you can still get it. You can even give Stardust a call and ask them about it. :) Hope this helps!

  4. I googled you after seeing you on TV and I think you're awesome! I am so happy to see your spirit just oozed out of the TV and I am so glad people like you are represented on reality gown shows-such a breath of fresh air. Love your blog and congrats on your new family! I also have a friend in Moravian Falls--what a beautiful place to wed!


  5. I love this blog! I have been reading this blog for the past few months trying to get some ideas for my upcoming wedding. I am a very earthy, laid back bohemian chick. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the dresses you picked for your girls. I love the simplicity, laid back comfortable yet elegance of your wedding ideas. Also, I love that your girls carried lanterns instead of the typical bouquet down the isle! Beautiful! :)


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