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Friday, June 4, 2010

The Taste of Aroma

Rugalach-traditional Israeli rolled pastry with chocolate filling.

So, there has been this looming craving in the depths of my little pregnant soul since last night!


Aroma is an AMAZING coffee cafe in Israel that leaves Starbucks crying in the dust miles back. There actually aren't any starbucks in Israel because Israelies prefer freshly made foods compared to frozen, heated up junk. They have the yummiest, freshest sandwiches, salad and AMAZING coffee.

I found out that the only place in America where you can find Aroma's are in New York. So, I'm trying to find a reason, and way to go. SOON. :) Ha!

Here are some of my favorite things. If you ever are in New York stop by and grab a bite or a cup for me.

My FAV! Halumi Cheese sandwich...sigh.

This seriously makes my mouth water...Aroma Mocha. Yes, those are little melted chocolate bars at the bottom of that glass.

MMMmmmmmm Israeli salad!

ICED AROMA! Better than ANY frappachino.

Carrot/Apple Juice



  1. We now have 2 in Los Angeles! And yesss, SO delicious!

  2. You're killin' me! Starbucks is TOTALLY a poor man's Aroma. Missing it!


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