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Monday, May 24, 2010

Hawaiian-Boho Wedding

Natalie and Kawika got married last year in Hawaii, where Kawika is from. They had an AMAZING wedding! Here are some pics that I thought would be inspiring! Kawika sporting his colorfully wrapped dreads and Natalie looking like a tropical Bohemian princess, I thought this was something that had to be shared and would inspire you.

While doing their wedding shoot, a real, full rainbow appeared over them! :)

Natalie's bride's maids all wore amazing wrap dresses.

Tropical Boho Princess

They have such free beautiful hearts! I love how simple and gloriously heavenly their wedding was!

Natalie's jewelry is ridiculously amazing and lovely!

Both Natalie and Kawika are surfing, adventurers who have a very nomadic lifestyle, traveling the world. Boho through and through. I LOVE this pic.

Photos by: Willy Brandlund


  1. so great! i loved this! all the photos, and your captions, too :)

  2. love your blog xx would love to share mine : ) http://spellsjewellery.blogspot.com)
    xx lizzy (Byron Bay Australia)

  3. absolutely amazing!

  4. OKAY WAIT! I was looking at my new followers and you are one of them. How do you know Kawika and Natalie? And you finished filming the show in Hawaii? The one filmed at Turtle Bay? What a small world, seriously haha! I grew up on the North Shore and went to the same church as Kawika for like 10 years:)


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