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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Dreaded Bride

So, I have a secret envy of girls who wear their dreads on their wedding day! For that matter, grooms as well who wear them get an extra Boho style star in my book!

Whether it be, obsession, the love of an overboard, make people raise their eyebrows extremist-call it what you like, I LOVE bridal dreads. Just do.


Photo taken from Off Beat Bride

Natalie and Kawika's Wedding was amazing! More to come from this couple later this week.

From Off Beat Bride Blog


  1. I love the dreads!! I doubt I could ever pull them off.

    Off subject, i am recently engaged and came across your site. I've seen you wedding video and I cried. I just loved it!!! It was absolutely perfect and done exactly how a wedding should be. I wish you could help me think of things for my wedding. :) I just love everything you have on your blog, i love keeping updated!

  2. Hello lovely! :) awwww...I'm so glad you've enjoyed our journey girl! :) You know if you want to throw around some idea I would love that. :) CONGRATULATIONS on getting engaged!!!! :) <3 if you want to talk wedding ever or have any questions-feel free to email me. :) colorofworship@gmail.com

    -jess gatlyn

  3. This post made my heart so happy!! I have dreads, and I'm looking forward to rockin' them one day at my own wedding ;)

    P.S. Your love story with Samuel has changed my life! xo


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