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Monday, July 27, 2009

Pack Up Your Life: In 4 weeks...Um Maybe 3

Well, I go dear friends to the seemingly ever growing stack of boxes in my parents garage. Things that were packed by someone else from my parents previous move. Finding little things that remind me of all the different seasons life has found me in make me smile, sigh and just get lost in a flood of memories. 

I suppose this is what so many girls go through as they pack up all the smiles to be carried away to a distant land-shared with their love. 

Haha-yes, I know that sounded rather dramatic. But, I am dramatic so I can get away with it! 

Truly though, I have so much to do in what seems like so little time. As the days seem to fly away I'm tempted to throw up my hands and say-"There's no way!" 4 more weeks and counting...Oh dear.

Good-bye procrastination. Hello "I got it done, and done good!"

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