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Friday, July 24, 2009

50 Days Ladies and Gentlemen

Every bride counts down the days til she dawns her wedding gown and pledges her life, heart and smile to the man of her dreams. It always seems so far away-week after week goes by and the endless wait seems never ending. 

Then, all of a sudden, she wakes up one morning and the day which seemed permanently placed at months down the road  is now only weeks away and counting. 

A flood of things to scribble down on her "To Do Today" list blow and swirl all around in her head. Is there enough time?  We'll see. 

Having 6 more weeks here at my home in Texas before I set out on the start of a new and exciting adventure that will forever change the color of my world is a new reality that is just now truly starting to hit me! 

My days lately are consumed with sorting through boxes of childhood doodles and nick-naks,  going through last winters box of clothes- do I really need to bring all my 80 fashion boho scarves...? Absolutely! Priorites ladies, it's all about priorities! 

Along with scrambling to get all my invitaions stuffed, sealed and mailed out my Beka (maid of honor) has been helping me organize decor for the wedding site, picking the kind of flowers I want. Wild flowers of course! Yeah baby! 

I'm finding that as many out door weddings as you can find on all the endless, magical wedding blogs there are only a few original, crazy "I never thought of that!" ideas out there! 

It's time to go waaaaaaaaay outside the box. For years we have been content as brides to just nicely color inside the lines of the coloring books we call the wedding ceremony. We've been using the box of 8 crayons when there's a world of colors and textures available. Lets get out the finger paint. There are so many new and creative ideas popping up in the wedding world! It's time to create our own! 

Those of us who have an earthy, bohemian, gypsy type style many times automatically think we  have to be strapped to a satin gown with glitz, sparkle and tradition. It's a new day-to everything you want to do and find no one else doing say "Why not!? and go with it!" Your wedding should reflect your smile. Let it shine.


  1. I came across your blog and am loving to see another bride out there that likes bare feet, nature, and 3 month planning periods!

    I got engaged in May, now there's only 23 days left until the wedding and we're still piecing it together. I love what you wrote here, and I totally agree. I just hope we think of all the good ideas before the wedding and not after!


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