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Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Girl and A Gown...

...Throw in a little Texan "Yeehaw!" and you have yourself the makings of a... crazy, hippie, Texas girl who got asked to be on a reality TV show about girls and their wedding gowns? 

*winning bell* *ding-ding-ding!* 

Yep, you guessed it! 

LOL! I know right, sounds crazy. But, it's true! I wrote a little post mentioning the show called "Girl Meets Gown" and how they were wanting to film my wedding gown experience on the show! 

My mom,  Gran and I went out to meet Kim, the producer of the show, so she could film a casting video of us to send out to the people in New York who give their 'yay' or 'nay' on who would and wouldn't be good for the show. 

It was fun! Kim was amazing and just the coolest! 

Heard back from her on the Forth of July and told me that it was a go! :D

I was talking Amy, one of my crazy awesome friends and bridesmaids-we were both like-"This is craaaaazy!" 

Everything the Lord has done has been so over the top. Like, He was doing all this for my heart to be a memorial of his faithfulness to me, constantly reminding me. So, in the future when I find myself in what seems to be an impossible situation-I can look at all the colors He painted for my dreams in this season! I can remember that it's going to be beautiful, no matter what is going on it will be beautiful.

So, I think they are going to get a crew together and do some filming next week! My dress came in, and I haven't seen it yet! Yep, I'm one mega excited chica

Beka and Brandon came and spent the 4th of "Yay, we are some mighty freeeeee people day" with us! (my maid of honor, which is also Samuel's sister and her husband) We laughed so hard my tummy hurt! 

I'm learning so much about resting in the middle of craziness and I have really discovered that no matter how crazy the day or week may seem or how frustrating a circumstance appears to be, rest is a choice. Joy is a choice. At first it's kinda hard especially when you've been in a rut of freaking out. Yes, perhaps a dignified freaking out, but freaking out just the same, stealing the awesomeness of the this time you will never have again. 

Once though, you put a little helium in that balloon, it will start to float. Same thing I think with joy, you relax and know, you worrying won't change anything-it will only make it worse. When you choose joy and rely on that smile of Jesus to help you out-it's way easier. 

If I always remember that He is intensely, interested with a genuine delight and expectancy for what is going on in "my world" I don't seem to have a problem. He loves to lavish my heart, lavish in every way. 

Jesus is so good. 

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  1. thank you for this post, this totally encouraged me! :) God is good all the time! yeay! One way Jesus! :)


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