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Friday, June 4, 2010


Here is a new band "Matrimony" and I simply LOVE them! Sam and I live in a community of AMAZING musicians! Their music has so much organic texture and familiarity that it makes your heart smile and soar!
I've watched them live, listened to them, all the way around their music is genius!

They also have amazing style! Check them out and enjoy!

Matrimony formed in December 09 out of a common desire to make uncompromising music.Their goal is to write God honest songs about things that actually matter and to play them with as much heart and vigor as they can. Jimmy Brown & Ashlee Hardee Brown play memorable, trustworthy, triumphant almost spiritual sounding music that gets inside your head.

This is Ashlee, she is simply beautiful and has crazy, unique vintage style.

click the above link to listen and purchase their new EP!


  1. I'm checking them out right now, thanks!


  2. They are models. Interesting stuff on your blog here.


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