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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wild Picked Flowers

We had tons of mason jars filled with flowers and wild grasses lining the table in the barn.

My bridesmaids spent 2 days making all the flower arrangements in the barn.

One of the main images you think of when thinking of weddings has to be flowers.

Flowers for the bride, flowers for the bridesmaids. You have flower girls and flowers on the table. Flowers. Flowers. Flowers.

I love wild flowers of all kinds and our wedding site upon arrival was surrounded by walls of yellow flowers 5 to 6 feet tall. When asked if we should mow them down I widened my eyes and said "Are you kidding?!" So, we simply cleared pathways through the kingdom of yellow goodness, leaving the natural beauty that was already there.

Being a more natural type of gal, I really wanted the flowers I had to be loose as if we had all gone out that morning and picked everything.

The flowers for the ceremony, my bouquet, tables etc. were purchased from a woman in the mountains who had a wild flower nursery. One of my dearest friends, Charlotte from Norway made my bouquet after I told her what my favorite flowers were from the batch they had picked up the day before the wedding. Using wire hangers as a form, she wove and created the most beautiful bouquet, that was like a piece of art! Twigs were sticking out and it tapered down. It was so lovely.


  1. Yay! Oh I love love love this! I'm a wildflower type of girl myself so seeing this gets me excited about the possibilities :D Thanks so much for this post!

    Also, congratulations to you and your hubby for your upcoming little bundle of joy! :)

  2. Yay for wildflower girls! ;) I'm so glad you liked the post girl!

    Thank you, we are super excited!

  3. I love how messy and awesome this looks! I was thinking about doing one with lavender and cala lilies! :)

  4. Hey there! My best friend is getting married this october and we live in the the nc mountains! Can you give the information on that wildflower nursery? Thank you so much. Your wedding was beautiful! We're getting some great ideas from your blog. She's been stressing about getting it all down, but reading your post has been so helpful. Blessings!


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