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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Boho Inspirations and Then Some

Click here to get more ideas for layering! I found these photos while I was looking for inspirations for the look of my bridesmaids attire. Isis is an Australian design company that I love. Check it out!


  1. you are a great treasure hunter!!

  2. great photos. kinda loving your blogs style!

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  4. Boho Bride
    The rose-cut shape is believed to have originated in India in the 1500s, and today the cut still carries exotic charm. This one is set in a handcrafted ring of 18K gold, with several accent diamonds. Ring by Zavida Gemstones.

    I don't see it right now on their website-but I'm sure they could custom make it for you.

    Also-antique rings from india and the middle east would be AMAZING for a boho-styled/cultural looking ring!

    I'm SO glad you stopped by girl! Thanks!

    Jess G

  5. Speaking of your bridesmaids dresses, where did they come from? It was a beautiful, fabulous idea!

  6. Hello Boho Bride!!

    I left a response about a ring above, and your answer was very helpful! I contacted the jeweler about the ring and they responded! Thanks!

    I have a little favor to ask you, please delete my post above (because of privacy matters, I don't wish to use that email for commenting on blogs, it comes up when you google my email). I will appreciate it!

    Also, I am an anthropologist and have recently started my journey into honeymoon blogging, check it out if you wish at honeymooned.blogspot.com. I promise fantastic travel finds for cool people you!

  7. Where can i find these beautiful rings online? they are just divine!


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