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Saturday, March 6, 2010

ANTHRO-Wedding 2011

Ready, set, WEDDING!

With the goal of opening in Spring 2011 the yet to be named branch will carry everything from their own uniquely designed heirloom wedding dresses, bridesmaids attire, accessories and invitations. It has even been mentioned that wedding/honeymoon planning services will be available plus fresh flowers and the like!

Sound too amazing? I KNOW! It's the buzz on many of the wedding blogs and fashion sites online right now.

I used to work at Anthropologie and had heard it rumored that this was a future possibility! I just didn't realize it would be this soon! I think many girls have been secretly hoping this would happen! There is definitely a market for something like this. Truly, it's like a pot of gold for a company like URBAN to invest in starting a wedding line considering the following they have among female consumers. J. Crew has had a very successful time with their branch off into the bridal world. There's nothing quite like what URBAN is projecting to supply Anthro-styled brides. Sounds almost like a one stop shop. We shall see!

So, keep your eyes peeled next spring ladies and gents!

I'm SO looking forward to seeing how it all comes together and the quality of their product.

The wedding dresses are said to range from $750-$5,000.
Image from Anthropologie's March 2010 catalogue.


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