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Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Veil

I'm going to do a couple of blog posts on the details of our funky awesome wedding day. A little series. This awesome chica, Kat who has one of my fav wedding blogs posted our wedding on her site and a couple of gals have some questions on how we did a few things. Still being obsessed with anything to do with unique, crazy and rich in meaning weddings I'm going to feed my weakness for everything organically couture and write some posts. :)

The Veil:

Most of you knowing that I don't really gravitate to the "norm," I wanted something in a veil that mirrored my style and who I am. I even thought of not having a veil because I was pulling away from traditional things. But, I mean, come on, a girl's gotta have a veil. At least I did. Haha. My trade mark with anyone who knows me is the fact that I wear the heck out of scarves on my head. Any which boho way you can. So, why not, I thought do it for my wedding?PERFECT. Thus the birth of my veil.

It all came slowly together. If any of you watch the airing of the "Girl Meets Gown" episode our wedding is on-they got the whole process of how it came together.

Step 1: "Pile and Pin" Toss up your locks of beauty with a dozen or so bobby pins.

Step 2: Get your scarf fabric ready once your hair is a perfect mess.

  • (I ordered a couple of extra yards of fabric, the same as my wedding dress to do this. I wanted some of the aspects of my dress to be unique and me.)

Step 3
Tie the scarf securely.

Step 4: Attach the Fabric/lace flower head piece.
  • (The flowers are sewn to a ribbon which I tied along with the scarf. I made them out of several different types of laces and cottons-then I kinda ratted them and made them scruffy.)
  • After that I added the tulle veils under each side of the knot of the scarf. The two veils were different lengths which added a dramatic effect. A little bit of romantic dressiness.

As the day/evening progressed having veils that were separate allowed me to take the long one off then both leaving just the fabric tails of my head scarf which was a much more laid back look and made it easier to dance and be crazy.

Of course, by the end of the night, when the bonfire started going and the drum circle started, all of my veil, scarf and all was long gone. My hair, a wild, wild mess and every ounce of me delighting in every moment. But hey, that's the joy of it-it was my wedding my hair could be crazy and I didn't care! I married my best friend and love of my life-who cares what my hair looks like! I was celebrating and no hair style or wedding veil was going to keep me from doing that to the fullest of my hearts content!


  1. I love you!! Awsome post! I guess this will be helpfull and inspiring for so many brides out there:)

  2. Wow, I'm so excited I stumbled upon your blog! You have written such helpful posts, thank you so much. Your wedding is the most beautiful I have ever, ever seen(I first saw photos of it when talking to Shelley about potentially shooting our wedding this fall)...you two are so inspiring. I really appreciate how you don't hesitate to share the details of your experience. Thanks for the advice! Congratulations on your very happy marriage! You guys seem like such a cool couple. Bookmarking you! :) -Tonia (www.ittybittyimpact.com)

  3. awwwwwwww Tonia, thank you! I'm SO glad you have been inspired! That is what makes me most happy!!!

  4. I absolutely LOVE the way you did your veil!I was looking at the your wedding pics from Rebekah's facebook(by the way,her music and photography is AMAZING),and wondering how you got the veil like that.Could I post a few photos with the link to the instructions on my blog?

  5. Awww thanks girl! Totally! Go for it Jennifer! :)

    Isn't she awesome!

  6. Wow!! I love it! I didn't know going boho on your wedding could be this chic!

  7. Thanks for posting this article. The veil is really beautiful. It looks so lovely in you. How'd you made it? I'd love to know more of your ideas on designing veils.


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