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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Boho Bridesmaids

My friend Charlotte from Norway had to cut the bottom of her dress because it was so long, so she used the extra fabric for a head scarf! Love it! Abby created another amazing boho head piece with the hem of her dress! mmmmmm love, love!

One of my favorite things about these dresses, is that they were comfortable and easy to have fun in! They had no problem gettin' down on the dance floor or twirling around the bonfire!

My Maid of Honor Beka, (aka: best friend/sister in law) wore an AMAZING scarf I found on Ruche, one of our fav places of vintage style, unique, feminine clothing and accessories.

One of the challenging things for me in my quest for my wedding was the attire of all my girl friends. I wanted something different, no cookie cutter, "Oh, just another bridesmaids dress."

Sure, I considered the regular kinda thing-but just couldn't do it. The weeks kept creeping closer and closer to W day and still NO how I was going to pull off the look I wanted. Considering I had 16 bridesmaids, (which on that topic ALONE I had more opinions that I desired) it's not that easy to find 16 clothing items of anything!

I considered doing wrap skirts and the day before I ordered them I accidentally found my hidden treasure! At a funky, loud apparel shop in Dallas called "MetroPark." The tie dye-tube top wonder of a dress jumped out at me and then the process began. Locating 16 of the varied sizes I needed in about a month. HA! We did it eventually. It was the product of a lot of calls to MetroPark stores all across the country and rushed shipping. Once getting them in, I shipped them back out to my girls all across the the nation and internationally as well, including Norway! It was worth it!

The dresses cost around $60 which is AWESOME! They all LOVED the dresses and will wear the heck out of them this summer. (I liked them so much I even bought one for myself! Heck, their dang awesome! )

You will notice the wedding pics-every girl did something a little different with her accessorizing, which I absolutely loved! Dresses of this style give a laid back, feel but keeps the style of elegance at the same time.


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the dress! And I LOVED that you let all of us pick out our own accesories. Our very different personalities got to shine through but it was still very elegant! The dress remind me of a beautiful storm:)

  2. LOVE IT!!! so creative


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